RAR - Regional Air

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We only fly prop planes no planes that have got a Jet engine on it.

Cessna Planes

Dash Planes

King Air Planes

Welcome to the official Regional Air.

Welcome to Regional, we stride to keep flying and filling the skies with plenty of planes. It is our duty to fly as much as possible and gain as much money as we can to build up the airline and to gain more and more pilots. Here at Regional we have dedicated staff and pilots that can make your flying experience a way more better than you have ever seen in any other virtual airline or bush flying club, the airline is all small based aircraft, mainly aircraft that fly short hops from around 30 minutes up to 3 hours of flying time. So if your reading this hop on into the team speak and have a chat to the staff about joining the airline.

The CEO and COO are experienced pilots in the real outside world.